Course List

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Perfecting the Process TM Series

Course Cost: $400.00

The student will have a deeper comprehension of the transformation that takes place after tubular products leave the steel mill before being delivered directly to the client for use.

TSC Shorts Series

Course Cost: $200.00

This series comprises of many 1-hour lectures that are intended to focus on particular parts of the API processor.

TSC Drill Pipe Series

We have the expertise to instruct in various facets of the energy sector, particularly when it comes to drill pipe processing and field application. The subjects covered in the classes will range from well production through inspection.


Course Cost: Range from $750.00 – $1,400.00

Course #Course NameAvailabilityPresenterCourse Length
401Visual Testing Level I & IIAvailableTSCU24 Hours
402Magnetic Particle Testing Level I & IIAvailableTSCU24 Hours
403Ultrasonic Testing Level IAvailableTSCU40 Hours
404Ultrasonic Testing Level IIAvailableTSCU40 Hours
405UTT Limited Certification (Digital Thickness Measurment)
(Numerical Output Only)
AvailableTSCU8 Hours
406Magnetic Flux Leakage I & IIComing SoonTSCU30 Hours
* Classes will be 8 hours a day

Understanding the Basics of NDT Series

Course Cost: Range from $550.00 – $650.00

Would you like to learn more about NDT inspections without being certified? Without going through the entire certification procedure, You will be able to understand each NDT discipline with the help of these courses.

Precision is Key TM Series

Course Cost: Range from $500.00 – $1,300.00

We have a course that will get you where you need to be so you can feel confident in the measurements and gages that are used every day when it comes to Basic Dimensional Gaging, Thread Gaging, and Metrology.

Experts Outside of TSC

Course Cost: $500.00

Courses designed and taught by experts from the oil and gas industry.

Course #Course NameAvailabilityPresenterCourse Length
701Tubular Metallurgy for the
AvailableBruce E. Urband8 Hours